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Using POP-II

POP-II is menu-driven and easy to use. It is a straightforward, "bookkeeping" approach to population dynamics that keeps track of the animals through one or more biological years.

The biological year begins with birth pulse and incorporates the following annual factors:

  1. pre- and post-harvest season natural mortality with summer and winter severity indices,
  2. harvest and wounding loss mortality with hunter selectivity and age-class vulnerability, and
  3. age-specific reproductive rates.
The user enters, edits, and prints all input data, runs the model for a period up to 50 years, and then reviews a variety of tabular and graphical depictions of the resulting population. Typically, the user calibrates the model to observed population data by comparing the simulation's output against the observed data, using a set of criteria designed to measure the "goodness-of-fit" between the two. A step-by-step "Simulation Details Report" of internal calculations may also be reviewed if the user needs to open up the inner workings of the simulation model.

The extensive documentation, POP-II_Documentation.PDF (300 KB; requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free of charge from Adobe), provided with POP-II covers all aspects of population simulation, including the following information:

  • input data requirements,
  • details of the simulation's logic,
  • examples of input and output,
  • references to POP-II's modeling literature, and
  • a philosophy of applied modeling with imprecise data.